openaccess_epub package

Module contents

openaccess_epub is the root package for OpenAccess_EPUB

The openaccess_epub package contains all of the packages and sub-modules for the OpenAccess_EPUB project, which provides tools for processing academic journal articles in the Journal Publishing Tag Set XML format as well as generating EPUB documents from the processed information. XML parsing and editing is performed using lxml.


Renders an absolute path to the specified path in the data section.

This function is used primarily by openaccess_epub.article.Article, to successfully access and the .dtd files. These files should be located in the ‘data’ directory and this placed within the openaccess_epub package directory. This function renders an absolute path (OS-appropriate) that is the join of the package directory, ‘data’, and the specified path argument.

Parameters:path (str) – A path within the data directory.
Returns:path (str) – A string for the absolute path to the data.